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The Top-10 Best Greek Islands for Luxury Travel in 2024.

A voyage through the Aegean jewels – the top 10 best Greek Islands of 2024. As the sun-kissed shores beckon and ancient tales whisper, each island unfolds a chapter of opulence and allure. In the words of Greek philosopher Epicurus, 'Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.'

Welcome to a curated odyssey through the enchanting realms of the Aegean Sea – a guide to the Top 10 Best Greek Islands beckoning discerning travelers in 2024.

As the sun-drenched landscapes and azure waters of the Mediterranean await, join us on an exploration of these paradisiacal havens, each offering a distinctive tapestry of luxury, history, and natural splendor.

From the iconic Santorini sunsets to the vibrant pulse of Mykonos‘ nightlife, this collection unveils the epitome of Greek Islands excellence, promising an unforgettable sojourn where the very best of the Hellenic archipelago comes to life.



Explore the captivating allure of Santorini, renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and luxury accommodations. This Cycladic gem offers a blend of iconic caldera views, pristine beaches, and upscale experiences for travelers seeking an unforgettable Greek escape in 2024.

Why Santorini?

  • Famous for its iconic sunsets over the caldera.
  • Explore the charming villages of Oia and Fira.
  • Indulge in luxury accommodations with breathtaking views.

Hotel recommendations

  • Katikies Hotel, Santorini: Perched on Oia’s cliffs, this boutique hotel offers cave-style suites with private balconies, providing an intimate and luxurious experience.
  • Canaves Oia Hotel, Santorini: Known for its elegant accommodations and stunning caldera views, Canaves Oia Hotel combines traditional architecture with modern amenities.




Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Mykonos, a sought-after destination known for its lively nightlife, exclusive beach clubs, and charming Cycladic architecture.

In 2024, indulge in the island’s glamorous appeal, from iconic windmills to upscale dining and luxurious accommodations.

Why Mykonos?

  • Known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches.
  • Visit the iconic windmills and Little Venice in Mykonos Town.
  • Enjoy upscale dining and exclusive beach clubs like Nammos, Branco or Scorpios.

Hotel recommendations

  • Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge: A stylish boutique hotel known for its minimalist design and exceptional service, offering a tranquil escape near Mykonos Town.
  • Semeli: for a stay in Mykonos-Town. This boutique hotel is the ultimate hotel to enjoy the more vibrant part of the island.


Read some hotel reviews of the best hotels on Mykonos here.




Crete, the largest Greek island, where ancient history meets diverse landscapes.

In 2024, uncover the rich cultural heritage of Knossos, traverse the stunning Samaria Gorge, and relax on the pristine beaches of Elounda, offering a perfect blend of history, nature, and luxury.

Beyond its historical sites, luxury tourists can explore luxury wine tours in Crete’s renowned vineyards, experiencing premium Greek wines.

Why Crete?

  • Largest Greek island with a rich history and diverse landscapes.
  • Explore the ancient ruins of Knossos and the Samaria Gorge.
  • Relax on the stunning beaches of Elounda and Balos.


Hotel recommendations

  • Stella Island Resort: offers a haven of luxury with overwater bungalows and elegant villas. Indulge in the serene atmosphere of the lagoon-style pools, private beaches, and upscale dining experiences.
  • Domes Zeen, a Luxury Collection Resort: Domes Zeen offers a blend of traditional charm and modern luxury. Located near Chania, this resort features stylish villas with private pools, exquisite dining options, and a holistic spa experience.




Step back in time as you explore the medieval charm of Rhodes, a captivating island with well-preserved architecture and historical sites. In 2024, discover the Palace of the Grand Master, stroll through the enchanting Rhodes Old Town, and bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches of Lindos.

Why Rhodes?

  • Boasts medieval charm with its well-preserved Rhodes Old Town.
  • Visit the Palace of the Grand Master and the Street of the Knights.
  • Relax on the beautiful beaches of Lindos.


Hotel recommendations




Naxos, the newbie of the cyclades and becoming more well-known. Naxos beckons with a blend of history, beaches, and local culture. Uncover ancient ruins, including the Temple of Apollo, and traverse picturesque villages like Apiranthos.

In 2024, experience the charm of Naxos, offering a perfect balance of ancient wonders and island beauty.

Why Naxos?

  • Offers a perfect blend of beaches, history, and local culture.
  • Less crowded than Santorini or Mykonos.
  • Explore the ancient Temple of Apollo in Naxos Town.
  • Rent one of the plenty beautiful villa’s the island has to offer.
  • Discover the picturesque villages of Apiranthos and Halki.


Hotel recommendations

  • Naxian Collection Luxury Villas & Suites: part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Set amidst a garden landscape, this exclusive collection of villas and suites provides a serene and sophisticated retreat.
  • Porto Naxos Hotel: With its elegant design and proximity to Agios Georgios Beach, Porto Naxos Hotel offers luxury accommodations and exceptional views.




Experience the unique landscapes of Milos in 2024, where white-washed cliffs meet crystal-clear waters. Explore the lunar-like Sarakiniko Beach, visit the captivating catacombs, and savor fresh seafood in the charming fishing village of Klima, making Milos a must-visit destination.

Why Milos?

  • Known for its unique landscapes and beautiful beaches.
  • Visit the famous Sarakiniko Beach and the catacombs of Milos.
  • Enjoy fresh seafood in the charming fishing village of Klima.


Enjoy Milos with stays at boutique retreats such as the serene at the Milos Cove, a lavish resort that seamlessly blends modern design with the island’s natural beauty, providing an exquisite haven for the discerning traveler.




The neighbor of Naxos, Paros invites you to discover its blend of golden beaches, historical sites, and charming villages.

In 2024, explore the Byzantine Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, unwind on the beaches of Naoussa and Golden Beach, and immerse yourself in the allure of this Cycladic gem.

Why Paros?

  • Features charming villages, golden beaches, and historical sites.
  • Explore the Byzantine Panagia Ekatontapiliani church in Parikia.
  • Relax on the beaches of Naoussa and Golden Beach.
  • Perfect for Cycladic island hopping.


Hotel recommendations

  • Parilio Hotel: a member of Design Hotels. Combining Cycladic architecture with contemporary design, this boutique hotel offers a stylish and luxurious retreat.
  • Mr. and Mrs. White Paros: A chic hotel with a laid-back atmosphere, Mr. and Mrs. White Paros provides upscale accommodations near Naoussa.




Uncover the hidden gem of Sifnos in 2024, where traditional charm meets gastronomic delights.

Explore the medieval Kastro, stroll through the village of Apollonia, and indulge in local cuisine in the island’s charming tavernas, offering a serene escape for discerning travelers.

Why Sifnos?

  • A hidden gem with traditional charm and gastronomic delights.
  • Visit the medieval Kastro and the village of Apollonia.
  • Sample local cuisine in the island’s tavernas.


Hotel recommendation

  • Verina Astra: Set on a hillside, this boutique hotel offers elegant suites with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, providing a tranquil and luxurious escape.




Journey to the untouched beauty of Folegandros in 2024, a tranquil island with a serene atmosphere.

Explore the scenic Chora, discover the Panagia church, and hike to the secluded Katergo Beach for an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Why Folegandros?

  • Known for its untouched beauty and serene atmosphere.
  • Explore the scenic Chora and the Panagia church.
  • Hike to the stunning Katergo Beach for a secluded escape.


Hotel recommendation

  • Blue Sand Hotel & Suites, Folegandros: This boutique hotel features elegant suites with private balconies, providing a comfortable and refined stay.




Discover the stunning landscapes of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, in 2024.

Visit the picturesque Assos village, explore the mystical Melissani Cave, and unwind on the famous Myrtos Beach while savoring local wines, creating an unforgettable Greek island experience.

Why Kefalonia?

  • Largest of the Ionian Islands, known for its stunning landscapes.
  • Visit the picturesque Assos village and Melissani Cave.
  • Relax on the famous Myrtos Beach and enjoy local wines.


Hotel recommendations



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