Msamwbeni Beach House – Kenya

This luxurious, Lamu-style hideaway in Msambweni, the “land of the sable antelope,” was opened in 2007.

Its location on a clifftop above a white sandy beach is practically predestined for an infinity pool, and this one certainly lives up to its name, creating the illusion that you could simply float on out into the Indian Ocean

Inside the hotel’s suites and villas, white is the dominant theme, with Arabian influences providing characterful accents

Ornate alcoves, silk cushions set against whitewashed walls, brass lamps, and unbleached cotton recliners thus line the route to the private beach, where guests can spend cocktail hour watching the dramatic sunset.

If, that is, they can tear themselves away from the recently opened spa

At the southern end of Kenya’s coast, near the Tanzanian border; 60 km/37 miles south of Mombasa airport

Suites from $340, villas from $484; prices per person per night include full board

3 suites in the main house, 1 tent suite, and 3 villas with private pools

Moorish villa with prime seafront location

Belgian and French dishes are offered alongside Swahili specialties. For an even more exclusive experience, the hotel offers private lunches on the nearby sandbank

The rippling waves: be it in the spa or at the pool, the ocean is Always right beside you

“A Grain of Wheat” by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

P.O. Box 51 ~ 80404 Msambweni ~ Kenya
Telephone +25 420 357 7093


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