The inside story...

Travel WorldClass began life in 2016 with me as an obsessed hotel and luxury lover. This passion has evolved into a luxury travel and lifestyle source of inspiration with a thousand like-minded followers from all over the world.

It’s no accident that the collection of content is so special, as my obsession is intensified by more than ten years of experience as Product Manager in the luxury tourism industry and have travelled to over 50 countries.

Travel WorldClass is your international online luxury travel & lifestyle journal that not only gives readers a peek of luxe travel at its finest; it shines the spotlight on tourist spots and luxury hotels that may not be on your radar.

Through my own experience and via my extensive network of hoteliers, I share honest reviews of the finest hotels, resorts and villas from around the world.

The articles on restaurants and bars give you a unique perspective on the international food scene whilst the latest launch articles keep you abreast of all the happenings with high-end lifestyle brands, ultimate travel guides, and many more.

Let me inspire your next luxury escape.

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