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Amangiri Utah: Unveiling the Extraordinary in Luxury Travel

Nestled in the heart of the dramatic Utah desert, Amangiri emerges as a haven of luxury that seamlessly blends with the awe-inspiring beauty of its surroundings. It's an extraordinary otherworld - a fluid, sculpted triumph that channels nature at her loudest and proudest.


Amangiri is no ordinary hotel or resort, but rather an enclave of comfort and style in North America’s most dramatic desert landscape. Guests come here to be and feel remote, surrounded by striking architecture, mind-blowing nature and pampered in true Aman Resorts style.

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It’s just a four-hour drive from Las Vegas which is very convenient for US distances. A stone’s throw from the famous Lake Powell and the enigmatic Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Amangiri lies almost on the invisible border between Arizona and Utah.

Be warned, the almost-secret location of Amangiri at Canyon Point is not easy to find in this enigmatic desert landscape. The panoramic drive from the main road to the hotel is part of the experience.


A love letter to lunar landscape and wilderness, a triumph of concrete and architectural lines, a game-changer for the whole industry. A sensation when it opened, and a sensation now, Amangiri is a hotel masterstroke that’s not only stunning, but a wild ride if you want it to be.

Otherworldly is the first thing that comes to mind as you bump along the dusty road to Amangiri, past orange promontories as tall as skyscrapers and barren stretches of 180-million-year-old desert. On the horizon, a coyote is silhouetted against a swollen pink sky.


Every room, even the standard mesa view suite of 1,000 square-foot, has a view out over the desert from the bath tub or the comfortable king-size bed. The large folding windows can be completely opened, leading onto a private terrace with a fireplace.

The most stunning room is the Amangiri Suite measuring 3,472 square-foot and with a beautiful lap pool with floating steps and a sky terrace with huge day bed.


Mexico meets Native American, showcasing ingredients such as blue corn, green chili, avocado. Try the bison steak or bison chili. You’re in the hinterlands of the West, so expect to eat most meals at Amangiri—it’s all-inclusive.

In an open-plan dining room with panoramic windows looking out over the desert, executive chef Jacob Anaya translates the regional new American cuisine into an agreeable mix of light but at the same time hearty dishes which are all included in the full-board plan.



Seekers—an affluent crowd after a more authentic experience. Rockstars, bohemians, families, honeymooners. Come with a kindred spirit.


Situated in the Four Corners region, where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet. The nearest airport is in Page, a 25-minute drive south of the hotel

Suites from $1,100, pool suites from $1,650, breakfast not included

34 suites with underfloor heating

International style 2.0: effortlessly sensuous architecture in dramatic surroundings

Rustic, seasonal dishes are served in the Dining Room, the centerpiece of which is an open kitchen with a wood-fired oven

The Amangiri Spa, painstakingly carved out of the rock, is both impressive and visually calming

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston

Amangigi Resort
1 Kayenta Road ~ Canyon Point, UT 84741-285 USA
Telephone +1 435 675 3999 ~ Fax +1 435 657 8999

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