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LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne: Your Ideal Base in the Champagne Region

LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne: an oasis of luxury and tranquility in the heart of Champagne, perfect for both relaxation and exploration.


If you are planning to explore the enchanting Champagne region of France, look no further than the LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne. This hotel combines luxury, comfort, and an authentic Champagne experience that makes it an ideal base for your travels.

From its prime location amidst the vineyards to its exceptional amenities, every aspect of this hotel is designed to provide an unforgettable stay. Here’s a detailed review based on my personal experience at this exquisite hotel.

LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne offers an stunning blend of modern luxury and natural charm. Nestled in the picturesque vineyards, it’s a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike. The hotel’s architecture seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, providing a serene ambiance that enhances the overall experience. The staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and pampered.



The hotel’s location is perfect for exploring the Champagne region. Situated just a 10-minute drive from Épernay and about 30 minutes from Reims, it offers easy access to some of the most renowned Champagne houses and vineyards. The drive to the hotel is a visual treat, with beautiful roads winding through lush vineyards and charming French villages. On Sundays, you might even stumble upon an authentic brocante, adding a unique touch to your journey. The hotel’s setting amidst the vineyards also means you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets right from your room or the hotel terrace.

For those interested in exploring the Champagne region further, the Routes de Champagne offer a variety of scenic drives that highlight the area’s rich viticultural heritage. These routes are well-marked and provide detailed information about the vineyards, historical landmarks, and local attractions.

The Montagne de Reims Route: This route starts in Reims and travels through the picturesque villages of Rilly-la-Montagne, Verzy, and Verzenay. It’s renowned for its Pinot Noir vineyards and offers stunning views of the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park.

The Vallée de la Marne Route: Beginning in Épernay, this route follows the Marne River through charming towns like Hautvillers, where Dom Pérignon perfected Champagne. This route is perfect for discovering both grand maisons and smaller, family-run wineries.

The Côte des Blancs Route: Starting again in Épernay, this route heads south through the villages of Avize, Cramant, and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. It’s famous for its Chardonnay vineyards and offers a deep dive into the heart of Blanc de Blancs Champagne.

Maps and additional details about these routes can be found at local tourist offices or online on regional tourism websites. They provide an excellent way to explore the diversity and beauty of the Champagne region at your own pace, with plenty of opportunities for wine tasting and sightseeing along the way.


The LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne boasts a contemporary design that is both stylish and inviting. The interiors are elegant with a touch of rustic charm, reflecting the essence of the Champagne region. Large windows offer stunning views of the vineyards, allowing natural light to flood the rooms. The décor incorporates elements of wine culture, making every corner of the hotel a celebration of the region’s heritage.

The rooms at LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne are designed with comfort and luxury in mind. Each room features elegant décor and large windows that offer stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. The amenities provided ensure a relaxing stay:

Comfortable Amenities
Guests will find plush bathrobes and slippers in their rooms, perfect for lounging in style. The bathrooms are equipped with high-quality toiletries that have a pleasant fragrance, enhancing the overall sense of relaxation.

The hotel warmly welcomes dogs, making it a great option for those who like to travel with their furry friends.

These thoughtful touches, combined with the serene ambiance of the vineyards, create a peaceful retreat that is perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration and Champagne tasting.



Dining at the hotel’s restaurant is an experience in itself. The restaurant offers a phenomenal view of the vineyards, and the menu features a variety of delicious dishes that cater to all tastes. The food is exquisite, with a strong emphasis on local ingredients and traditional flavors. The highlight, of course, is the extensive selection of local Champagnes. You can enjoy a glass of bubbly while gazing at the very vineyards where the grapes were grown. For those driving electric vehicles, the hotel provides ample parking with charging stations, ensuring a hassle-free stay.

Visiting Épernay is a must, especially the Avenue de Champagne, where you’ll find many famous wine houses as well as hidden gems. This adds an extra layer of excitement to your stay, as you get to explore the rich heritage of Champagne production.



The spa at LOISIUM is a highlight of the hotel, offering an indulgent experience that is hard to match. The treatments are inspired by Champagne and utilize products derived from grapes and wine, enhancing the luxurious feel.

I highly recommend booking a spa treatment during your stay; it’s a rejuvenating experience that complements the serene surroundings perfectly. The spa facilities are top-notch, with a range of options designed to relax and refresh both body and mind.

One of the best features of the hotel is its outdoor pool, which is a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring. The pool area is beautifully maintained and offers comfortable loungers where you can relax with a glass of Champagne in hand. The view of the vineyards from the pool is simply spectacular, making it an ideal place to soak up the sun and enjoy the tranquil ambiance.



Nestled in the heart of the Champagne region, LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne is just a 10-minute drive from Épernay and around 30 minutes from Reims. The hotel is ideally positioned amidst rolling vineyards, providing a picturesque escape with stunning sunset views over the vines.

Double rooms from €180 in low season; and from €250 in high season. Breakfast included.

The hotel offers a variety of luxurious rooms, each equipped with plush bathrobes, slippers, and fine-smelling amenities. Rooms also feature separate toilets for added privacy. Dogs are welcome, making it a pet-friendly option for travelers.

LOISIUM seamlessly blends contemporary design with rustic charm, incorporating elements of wine culture into its elegant décor. The hotel’s stylish interiors and large windows provide an inviting atmosphere with beautiful vineyard views.

The hotel’s restaurant offers a phenomenal dining experience with a focus on local ingredients and traditional flavors. Guests can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes and an extensive selection of local Champagnes, all while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards.

The spa at LOISIUM is a highlight, offering treatments inspired by Champagne using grape-based products. The luxurious spa facilities provide a perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate after a day of exploration.

The outdoor pool area is a perfect spot to relax, featuring comfortable loungers and stunning views of the vineyards. It’s an ideal place to soak up the sun and enjoy the tranquil ambiance with a glass of Champagne in hand.

The hotel’s location amidst the vineyards, combined with its luxurious amenities and exceptional service, offers a unique and immersive Champagne experience. The extensive selection of local Champagnes and the beautiful sunset views add an extra touch of magic to your stay.

“Champagne: How the World’s Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times” by Don Kladstrup and Petie Kladstrup.

LOISIUM Wine & Spa Hotel Champagne
Champagne Region, France
Telephone: +33 (0)3 26 55 15 15

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