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Luxury Travel Guide to Yucatán – Mexico

Looking for the ultimate luxury travel guide to Yucatán? Bear with me, you will find some great route suggestions, hidden gems and must-sees down below.


For years, Yucatán was known as one of the best kept-secrets of Mexico. Due to it’s beauty, it is widely known now, however, there are still some less crowded places to visit. Here’s your ultimate luxury travel guide to Yucatán.

Whether you want to swing all day in a hammock under the palm trees or just want to be active, it’s all possible in Mexico. When you think of Mexico you may initially only think of snow-white beaches, cheerful music, tacos and an ice-cold Corona, but Mexico has much more to offer. You will read it all in this luxury travel guide to Yucatán which consist of where to go, where to eat and where to stay.

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Tulum is without a doubt Mexico’s hottest destination right now. It is actually comparable to the vibes of Ibiza. Between the palm trees you will find dozens of beach clubs, boutique shops, the hippest restaurants, yoga retreats and idyllic (boutique) hotels.

I haven’t seen a place before with so many boutique hotels, concentrated in a relatively small surface. Therefore it is also quite tough to make a short-list. Here are my absolute favs in Tulum: COCO Tulum for cabanas on the beach and a very nice beach club, Habitas Tulum for glamping-style tents and bamboo-enclosed outdoor showers or Casa Chablé, the latest in the area offering from eco-conscious to wellness-centric.




A not-to-be-missed one in the luxury travel guide to Yucatán is Bacalar. Bacalar is also known as the Maldives of Mexico and nothing could be further from the truth. This place so outstandingly beautiful which is a huge lake that consists of 7 shades of blue due to the different depths. Bacalar is located close to the border of Belize and not so touristic (yet). For this reason, there are not so many (luxury) hotels, however, when you come to Bacalar, you come for sailing on ‘Laguna Bacalar’, kayaking or supping.

Note; Laguna Bacalar is ‘closed’ on Wednesdays to protect the lake and to allow it to recover from time to time. This means that it is not allowed to sail, sup or kayak. Of course you can swim on the side.



Named as the American Chapel of Culture, Mérida is for travelers looking looking for something beyond Mexico’s world-class beaches. One of Mérida’s biggest attractions is its gastronomy. Local markets are full with exotic fruits and vegetables. Wander the markets by yourself or with a local guide to taste local produce like spicy habanero peppers.

With a bounty of unique boutique hotels and historical haciendas popping up in Mérida’s very walkable downtown, choosing just one base to stay will be your biggest challenge.


I definitely recommend to spend at least two nights in Valladolid as there are several nearby cultural activities, and the town itself is beautiful. There is an old, historic charm vibe to Valladolid and it’s very photogenic. As for the whole peninsula, there are also great places to eat and try a variety of Mexican foods.

One of the major activities to visit is the very famous (and therefore tourisitic) Chichen Itza. Make sure you visit these Maya ruins early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Close to this there are plenty of ‘cenotes’ (underground lakes with crystal blue water) to cool off.

Looking for smaller, less explored ruins? Visit Ek ‘Balam, far less touristy and if you want you can climb to the top of the pyramid and see far over the jungle canopy.


The island may be close to American oriented Cancun with huge resorts, casinos and booming nightlife, nonetheless don’t let that put you off. Unlike this famous coastal town, it is generally a lot quieter on Isla Mujeres (especially if you go there during the week). That also makes this island a much nicer choice than busy Cancun for the start or end of your trip.

The vibe on the island is very laidback and focussed on chilling and enjoying the beautiful view of the turquoise sea. enjoy an ice-cold Corona beer in the colorful centre of the island.

The ferry from Cancun takes only 30 minutes and overpasses also take place several times a day. You will find the port from where you can leave for the island at Punta Sam, if you Google Catmania Punta Sam you will soon find the exact location in Cancun.

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