Unwrap the Magic: Explore Famous Christmas Film Locations of ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’.

We unveil the hidden gems of holiday magic in the real-world settings of two timeless Christmas classics, 'The Holiday' and 'Love Actually.' If you've ever found yourself wondering about the enchanting Christmas movie locations, this is your passport.


The festive season is here, and what better way to embrace the holiday magic than by indulging in the timeless joy of Christmas movies? This year, take your celebrations to the next level by embarking on a journey to the iconic locations featured in two beloved classics – ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually.’

Join us as we unwrap the enchantment these films bring and guide you on where to experience the holiday magic yourself.

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Step into the winter wonderland that captured hearts in ‘The Holiday.’ Rosehill’ charming English cottage, nestled in Surrey’s picturesque village of Shere (part of Surrey Hills), invites you to relive the movie’s magic. Explore cobblestone streets, visit local pubs, and immerse yourself in the quaint beauty that defined Iris’ holiday escape.

Shere Village: Wander through the enchanting village streets, soaking in the holiday atmosphere.
The White Horse: Raise a toast at the iconic pub featured in the film.
St. James’ Church: Marvel at the beautiful church that played a key role in the movie’s narrative.

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London’s Notting Hill sets the stage for the intertwining love stories of ‘Love Actually.’ Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Portobello Road Market and explore the charming streets that witnessed love in all its forms. Recreate iconic scenes and experience the romantic allure of this cinematic setting.

Portobello Road Market: Experience the bustling energy of the market where love found its way to the big screen.
The Travel Bookshop: Visit the inspiration behind the movie’s setting and relive the magic of love and literature.
Notting Hill’s Coloured Houses: Stroll through the streets and capture the essence of the colorful houses that define Notting Hill’s charm.

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This festive season, let the magic of ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’ inspire your holiday wanderlust. Pack your bags, follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters, and create unforgettable memories in the enchanting Christmas movie locations. Unwrap the magic and make this holiday season one for the books! Read more luxury travel & lifestyle inspiration here.


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